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Because LOOT does not work for banks, insurance or investment firms, we can make them work for you. In the same way, LOOT does not create financial products; we use them to meet your financial goals.  We believe that no SINGLE financial firm can be the best at providing ALL the services you will need. Our independence means we can “cherry-pick” different accounts, services, managers, etc from different firms and then set up, track, review and revise them for you, as needed.

Moving beyond your investment plan, LOOT has built relationships with Personal Banker Services, Investment Strategist, Estate Planners, Lawyers, Accountants and Realtors who believe in the shameless procurement and sustainment of wealth.

We understand the value of using independent professional services and offer two ways of engaging the LOOT team. LOOT can work with you through three-levels of commission-based compensation, based on account size or through fee-based compensation for single or packaged services.