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Recent Headlines

In case anyone is still feeling nervous about the state of the world, as we head into the latest RRSP season, here is a sample of headlines drawn from AP/Reuters from today and yesterday:


“Confidence in the eurozone improves despite downgrades.”

“Rate on 30-year mortgage (in the US) down to a record 3.88%.” (This is a locked in rate for THIRTY years!)

“Philly Fed factory activity ticks up in January.”

“Stocks edge higher as unemployment claims decline.”

“Jobless claims near four year low.”

“Bank of America reverses loss and earns $2 billion.”

“Morgan Stanley's loss is narrower than expected.”

“Factory output soared in December, lifted economy.”


So, this plays out what the money managers have been saying over the past six months, namely that we will see a slow recovery which isn’t exciting but is much more positive than many of the media outlets forecast with doom and gloom. AND because you were able to stay invested, you will see the full benefit of the growth that started to happen a couple of months ago in stock prices rather than many who will wait a couple more months until stock prices are no longer cheap.

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