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LOOT is the next incarnation of THE ABSOLUTE GROUP. LOOT is a mind-set. Specializing in helping entrepreneurial minds maximize their wealth, Kevin Cork and his team work with each individual to create a flexible financial plan to reach their individual goals as quickly and as safely as possible.

THE ABSOLUTE GROUP. specializes in helping you maximize your wealth by helping you to first identify and prioritize your financial goals, then working out an effective, reasonable and flexible plan, and then consistently nagging and harassing you in maintaining your focus.

Following our passion for creating and keeping wealth; LOOT uses every tool for your financial success. At LOOT we produce a game plan to achieve your financial dreams, while giving you the flexibility to achieve your personal goals as well.

We begin by charting your financial Game Plan: starting from where you want to be financially now , going to where you want to be when you retire, and reaching all your goals in between.  Along the way LOOT will help you find the best paths for managing your spending and fending off the taxman.

Click here to read more about our GamePlan Process, here for our GamePlan Results




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