Financial Planning

for the entrepreneurial mindset
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Boutique Experience

We spend most of our days turning clients’ independent incomes into independent wealth. We work with only a few client families and quarterback their financial needs into concise action steps, using a concrete financial MAP and a network of related professionals.

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Tailored to You

We work with you to build a Game Plan that includes your goals, your road blocks and your shortcuts so that you know where you stand at any moment. Growth is our goal and your Game Plan is designed to flex and succeed with you.

Flexible Leadership

Every plan is reviewed on a regular basis to keep in step with your changing needs, goals and environment. Kevin brings not only financial expertise, but his mindset as a successful business owner, writer and media personality. With LOOT you are on the right path.

The Loot! MIndset

"...invest conservatively, review regularly and react rationally..."
Maximize Your Wealth

Specializing in helping entrepreneurial minds maximize their wealth, Kevin Cork and his team work with each individual to create a flexible financial plan to reach their individual goals as quickly and as safely as possible. "Our approach is to invest conservatively, review regularly and react rationally and skeptically to the latest financial fad and/or catastrophe." Kevin Cork is a Certified Financial Planner in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. He is President of The Absolute Group Inc. and offers mutual funds through FundEX Investments Inc. and offers life and disability insurance through HUB Capital Inc.

  • Portfolio management, estate and succession planning, corporate investing.

  • Helping clients identify and go after their goals with clarity and vision.

  • TV, radio interviews, podcasts, book author and keynote speaker.


Yes, we are real people.

Kevin Cork

Kevin is your certified financial planner. He has also worked on books, magazines, websites, radio and television. He also enjoys selflessly trying to drag financial advisors into the 21st century with technology tips.

Alicia Pronyshyn

Client Specialist
With a background in banking, Alicia is always smiling, always working, and always happy to answer any questions you have. On weekends she enjoys long drives to Saskatchewan.

Emma Brager

Transaction Specialist
Emma comes to the world of finances with over 15 years of professional theater stage management experience under her belt. Spreadsheets are her fuel, paperwork is her religion, and people-pleasing is her M.O.