The Money Book

moneybookThe national bestseller, revised and updated! In this fully revised and updated edition of The Money Book, financial planner and journalist Kevin Cork takes a no-holds-barred look at financial strategies for the post-Boom generation. Here, at last, is a money guide that addresses your concerns, and offers a wealth of advice on how to cope. In witty, conversational and often irreverent text, Cork covers the basics of financial planning, investing and saving. Whether you’re 25, wealthy and single, or thirtysomething, married and broke, The Money Book should be required reading. Kevin Cork is president of The Absolute Group Inc. and a financial journalist. His writing-often under the `Screaming Capitalist` byline-has appeared in a number of Canadian and American publications and on the internet. Cork has a monthly column in the Canadian Mutual Fund Guide and writes weekly for He lives in Calgary, Alberta