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About Us

Regardless of your age, you have already been many things in your life. As a financial planner, my job is to help you first decide What You Want To Be Next and then help you draft a plan and strategy to become that. Whether you want to be a home owner, a parent, free of work, a traveler, safe from disability, a business owner etc, I have the experience and resources to help you get there.

Kevin Cork, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner® professional
Investment Funds Advisor - Investia Financial Services Inc.

With his checkered past, uneven fitness program and unnatural love for charts and graphs, Kevin has spent the last three decades practicing with other people's money to reach the point where he can help you get yourself perfectly organized financially.

His unconventional approach to financial planning helps you crystalize what you want, what you need and what you need to avoid to be safe in your future.

He has done interviews with CBC Newsworld, Global, CTV, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, QR77, Morningstar.ca etc regarding financial planning and investing topics for Canadians. His national best-seller, 'The Money Book', was followed by 'The Investment Book' and crystalized the planning process he brings to his clients. (He was also in Superman 3 as the 'DJ').

Alicia Pronyshyn

Client Specialist

In addition to keeping Kevin out of trouble with the law, compliance and his wife, my real role is provide an extra layer of support to all of our clients. More than just finding the right tax or administrative form, I love my job because clients can leverage my sixteen years in the banking industry to move their plans forward, knowing we’ll help them with any roadblocks and wrinkles that crop up. Its powerful for me to create strategies that mean our clients succeed not just in their financial goals but also in their personal life goals too.

I work with Kevin to ensure that each wild ‘scheme’ he creates for our clients can be manifested as quickly and smoothly as possible. So please contact me if you have some administrative issue or to book an appointment with Kevin at: (403) 209-1132.

Braizza Basergo

Administrative Assistant

I am Braizza and I moved to Canada in 2019 from the Philippines. I worked in the Money Transfer services industry for almost 5 years. I enjoy camping, hiking and road trips with my dog Lilly. I have been working in the Absolute Group for almost 2 years and I love what I am doing.

I thrive in assessing risk factors and maintaining compliance standards for our client. Tasked with managing administrative duties while also delving into intricacies of financial data.